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New World Order Organization of Nations

New World Order Organization of Nations

"The New World Order Organization of Nations"; I, Barrie John Caldwell am officially declaring that today, Sunday June 25, 2006 PST 09:46 PM the official founding of the brand new international organization called; "The New World Order Organization of Nations." (NWOON) The new international organization is officially established right now, to eventually replace the United Nations Security Council and to establish a international court system, as well as international laws governing all nations to make it illegal for any nation to invade another nation or commit acts of terror or aggression on a another nation or harbor those that do. The organization's mandate is to work to establish these laws, international court system(s) and official international body of all current United Nations Security Council nations to enforce these rules within a perimeter of newly established international laws.
The Organization is about bringing an end to the nuclear arms race by making it a international criminal offence for any nation to obtain more nuclear weapons and to not actively participate in the disarmament process of all nations of the world who posses these nuclear arms! To use the monies saved, to help educate and supply the poor and needy in third world countries with supplies and teaching for them to become self sufficient and capable of caring for their own needs rather than international hand outs. To teach the poor, sound agricultural and farming methods through proven international relief organizations such as World Vision. The organization looks to establishing international laws governing the global community, that force automotive manufacturers world wide to produce vehicles that only run on ethanol and or hydrogen fuels to eliminate the threat of green house gas emissions globally that contribute to global warming and climate change.
To take action all together once and for all time sake! To find out more information about the "New World Order Organization of Nations” or give your feed back please email the organization at the following; newworldorder@canadiansovereigntyanprosperityparty.com
To sign the international petition, for your own nation to accept and acknowledge these policies of the organization and to have these policies adopted by the United Nations General and Security Councils. Please sign this on-line petition by emailing with the following information; your full name, address and country you are a citizen of to; petitiontojoinnwo@canadiansovereigntyandprosperityparty.com Thank-you for your support and advice!!

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